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Finding the Right Shoe

Q: Why shouldn’t I buy my shoes at a regular shoe store?

A: They generally will not measure your feet, allow you to take a “test ride”, determine your biomechanics, watch you run or walk, explain the changes made to updated shoe models, take into consideration your particular profile (purpose, weight, injury history, arch type, etc.), fit you with the right insoles, etc.

Q: Why do you watch your customers run or walk when you fit them?

A: One of the best ways to determine what type of shoe is best for you is to analyze your biomechanics, while watching you run or walk.

Q: Why can’t I get fitted at Pacers & Racers the first time and then just buy my shoes somewhere else the rest of the time?

A: Several reasons: 1. Your biomechanics can change – just because you might overpronate now doesn’t mean that you will always do so. 2. Your shoe size can change – we will check for proper sizing each time you come in to replace your shoes. 3. The updated version of your shoe is probably different than the model that you previously purchased – we will explain the differences. 4. We will examine the tread wear to determine if a different type of shoe might work better for you. 5. Your medical condition might have changed – for example, if you have developed Patellar Tendonitis or Morton’s Neuroma, you might need a different type of shoe.

Q: Why shouldn’t I buy my shoes online?

A: For the same reasons that Pacers & Racers does not sell shoes online – no one can observe you run or walk, you can’t try on the shoes, you can’t have your arches or the wear pattern of your old shoes analyzed, you can’t have your feet measured for length and width, etc.

Q: Why do you ask your customers to bring their old shoes with them when they are buying shoes?

A: We can learn a lot about the type of shoes that are best for you by examining the wear pattern on your old shoes.

Q: Do you measure your customers’ feet?

A: Yes. We measure both feet for length and for width.

Q: Why do you have your customers try on two different styles of shoes at the same time?

A: We make sure that every shoe you try on is the right type for you, but we want you to tell us which one feels the very best, and it is easier to do this by giving you two different styles of shoes to compare at the same time.

Q: Do you ever have new customers come in with the wrong type or the wrong size shoes?

A: Yes. In the 17 years that we have been open, we have never had a day without having at least one new customer wearing the wrong shoes.

Our Merchandise

Q: Do you carry any shoes besides running and walking shoes?

A: Yes, we also have aerobic shoes, casual shoes, cross trainers, dress shoes, hiking shoes, house slippers, sandals, trail shoes, volleyball shoes and work shoes (steel, composite and soft toe).

Q: Do you carry shoes in different widths and do you carry large sizes?

A: We carry six different widths (2A to 6E) and adult sizes 5 to 16.

Q: Do you have children’s shoes?

A: Yes. We carry several brands of children’s shoes in infant, pre-school and grade school sizes. We also custom fit children the same way we do adults.

Q: Do you carry insoles?

A: Yes. We carry 37 different types of insoles, for virtually every need – high or low arches, regular or heat moldable, over pronators or supinators, with or without metatarsal support, wide or narrow feet, exercise or dress shoes, with or without cupped heels, extra heel or forefoot cushioning, etc.

Q: Do you carry anything besides shoes and insoles?

A: Yes. We also have accessories, apparel, braces, earphones, GPS devices, headbands, massage sticks, nutritional items, rollers for stretching, safety items, socks, sunglasses, watches, etc.

Q: How many different brands do you carry?

A: Right now, we have approximately 50, but the number frequently changes as we receive suggestions from our customers and new products become available.


Q: Do you help people who want to start running or exercise walking or training for a race?

A: Yes. We offer free programs for beginning runners or walkers and for beginning racers, at distances from one mile to a marathon.

Q: Is walking or running good for you?

A: Yes. We have identified 94 health benefits from either walking or running, including the fact that statistically you are likely to live longer and at a higher quality of life.

Q: Do you sponsor road races for runners and walkers?

A: Yes. Pacers & Racers produces, financially supports, volunteers at or furnishes racing supplies for over 50 area races every year.

Preventing & Overcoming Injuries

Q: Do you have anything that might help someone with ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis?

A: Yes. The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) estimates that 25-40% of Americans have some type of foot problem, mostly from shoes that are not right for them. In many cases, wearing the right shoe or the right insole or the right brace can help prevent or help overcome a variety of health problems, including Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis.

Our Customers

Q: How many different customers have purchased shoes at Pacers & Racers?

A: Since we opened in April of 1998, we have fit over 75,000 people, almost all of whom have become repeat customers.

Q: Have you ever had a customer complain to the Better Business Bureau?

A: No. The BBB has told us that “it is virtually impossible to please all of the people all of the time”, but no one has ever filed a complaint against Pacers & Racers.


Q: How do I get to your store?

A: Take 265 to south onto Grant Line Rd. to left onto Northgate Ave. to left onto Northgate Ct. (3602 Northgate Ct.)

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to be fitted?

A: No. One of us will take care of you in the order in which you arrive.

Q: How do I know when it is time to replace my shoes?

A: We recommend that you stop in Pacers & Racers to consider replacing your shoes when one of these situations occur: 1. “Your body tells you” – most frequently, you have begun experiencing knee discomfort. 2. Your shoes show signs of obvious wear. 3. For runners & exercise walkers, you have logged approximately 300-500 miles of use. NOTE: We would never tell you that your shoes are worn out, if we do not sincerely believe – in our professional opinion – that is the case.

Q: How do I clean my shoes? Is it okay to machine wash them?

A: Machine washing can compromise the shoes’ cushioning and the glue that holds the shoes together. It can also shrink them. We have inexpensive shoe cleaners and will also explain various other methods to clean them.

Q: If another store has the exact same style as you, will it be the same price?

A: Most stores do not carry the shoes that we offer and they are very unlikely to custom fit you in the same manner that we do. If they do have the same shoe, the price will probably not be lower.